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New Norm


London, United Kingdom

UntoThisLast, located in Central London, runs a successful furniture store, designing and producing eco-friendly furniture.


The store acts as a showroom, displaying pieces of furniture made in the workshop, located right next to the store. While looking through a glass window in the showroom, I could look into the workshop, admiring and observing the entire production process. Instead of only being able to view the products, this ability made it more real, assuring customers about the quality of the furniture. UntoThisLast’s main goal was to reduce unnecessary waste, with no factory for mass production or storage and no excessive packaging.

This type of furniture production makes the public more aware of the process of developing eco-friendly furniture, which both reduces waste during the production process and reduces the overall price of furniture, killing two birds with one stone.


UntoThisLast uses Birch plywood as their main material, a kind of wood that is strong, sustainable and had passed the FSC Certification. In their pursuit of simple and elegant beauty, the workshop uses CNC machines to cut wood, where all the pieces of wood are arranged through a computer so that each large piece of wood can be used efficiently, leaving small gaps in between each piece for the construction of ornaments and toys. Tight wooden joints are designed into each piece of furniture, creating easy ways of installation without screws and increasing stability. Through this process, each piece of furniture is built to perfection.

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