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5 DEC 2019

Words: The New Norm 

Photographs:  The New Norm

Underground Art, 


Subway is the most convenient form of public transport, carrying people from all over the world every day through different stations. For people living in a busy city, they rarely get the chance to stop and look to see what a subway station looks like. Stockholm has revolutionized the traditional look of a subway station and have successfully attracted tourists from all over world whom travel specifically to Stockholm, hoping to get a glimpse of these magnificent subway stations. The Stockholm underground railway was first built in the 1950s, divided into three main lines, blue, red and green. Out of a hundred subways stations, ninety have been decorated using different art themes, where a hundred and fifty artists used different means of decoration including painting, installation, mosaic and sculptures to create a 108km long art piece, becoming the world’s longest art gallery.

Solna Centrum is one of the most renowned subway stations in Stockholm, where the popularity comes from the political intent of the artists, Karl-Olov Björk and Anders Åberg. The bright green forest and a red evening sun setting behind the forest represent the environment, over logging of the forest and the depopulation of rural areas that had happened in Sweden in the 1970s.

T-Centralen is the main hub of Stockholm’s subway, and the first station to feature artwork. The artist Per Olof Ultvedt used blue for their aesthetic values and calming effect, as this was one of the busiest stations in Stockholm. Ultvedt combined different shades of blue with stylized flowers and leaf creepers hoping to give passengers a pause and a chance to clear their minds.

Citybanan Odenplan was designed by 14 different artists, with light hanging down from the ceiling of Odenplan’s western entrance hallway. The “Life line” by David Svensson was inspired by the heartbeats of his son, creating rows of jagged white lines of fluorescent lights and marking the entrance to different hallways.

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