Photography and Words by THE NEW NORM STUDIO

THINK OF THINGS is located in a quaint neighbourhood in Tokyo, managed by Kokuyo, a Japanese stationery brand.

The store is a hybrid three-storey building, hoping to bridge the gap between lifestyle and workstyle, to reconsider the things that we surround ourselves with as our needs and context change. Their branding and packaging were curated by their in-house designer, Aki Kanai, who, with this design, was awarded the 2018 JAGDA New Designer Award. The design is incredibly experimental and is the perfect blend between abstract and order, adding a pop of colour to the monotone space. 


The composition of the space differs from your mundane stationery store with a layout that resembles an art gallery.

Here, you’ll find a café by the entrance, a stationery store in the middle, and a Japanese style garden at the back. A multi-purpose space can be found on the second and third floors, commonly used as a co-working space or to host events.

The interior carries a bright and cozy vibe, encouraging visitors to wander around and browse through their collection of goods. Visitors can pop by and enjoy a cup of coffee in their outdoor terrace or while away on a good book in one of their private corner seats. Coffee is brewed and served using beans from Sangenjyaya, Tokyo-based Obscura Coffee Roasters along with a selection of baked goods and hot food.


THINK OF THINGS is made up of four core concepts: Timeless, Bridge, Change, and Half-Made. The idea was to create an interactive platform, between individuals and different parts of their lifestyle. Designs of Kokuyo products were tweaked and readjusted, targeting pieces that were only function-centered, and instead, used muted colour tones to create timeless pieces while enabling users to incorporate them into their daily lives. The idea of their “half-made” concept was to encourage interaction between customers and the brand but also to allow users to customise their own stationery, adding a personal touch to each piece.