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Munich, Germany


Slow Fashion Meets Minimalist Design


STANDARD PROJECT stands for a conceptional clothing and product line that reinterprets classic day-to-day wardrobes, working places, and homes. The philosophy is rooted in the belief that good design has a place in everyday life.


Breaking fashion’s basic principle is, to constantly evolve every single season in order to increase consumption, while STANDARD PROJECT strikes a countermovement.  Contrarily to the hyper-consuming tempo of fashion, STANDARD PROJECT wants to offer a slow and carefully selected but at the same time enduring collection. Following the claim “less is more” the aim of the brand is to find interesting and significant pieces to revive them with pure looks and high-quality material and therefore reduce the design to its essence.

Slow fashion meets minimalist design

The collection serves as a unique and personal archive: Every single item- from first to last- stands for a conscious consumption and living.


The brand started in 2019 with its Item No.1, a black unisex T-shirt with subtle branding. The Crewneck T-Shirt is made of high quality, long-staple cotton has a structured handle, and is extremely durable. Today the shirt is also available in white, grey, and petrol.


As Item No.2 STANDARD PROJECT launched a pure design bike made of titanium. The material of the Titan Café Racer convinces with durability and robustness, so it defies all weather and loads.

Slow fashion meets minimalist design

The Item No.5 is a nourishing rich healing moor soap for body and hair. It is hand-made in Germany and is free from animal and synthetic ingredients, mineral oils, palm oil, microplastics and without the addition of synthetic fragrances and dyes.


The latest addition to the collection captures the spirit of the current “zeitgeist”: Item No.11 is a Natural Sanitizer to disinfect hands and surfaces. It is only made of natural ingredients like organic alcohol as well as sage, thyme, lavender, and bergamot oil, whom all have antibacterial as well as antiviral properties. But it is not only functional and provides clean hands and surfaces, but offers an amazing all-natural smell.