"... look beyond the current “take-make-waste” manufacturing model and design with a circular economy approach without any sacrifice of quality. "

Sirimiri is a British product design company offering lifestyle products to conscious consumers. With backgrounds in high- end property and interior design, they have used our considerable experience to design and produce products that are both luxurious and sustainable.


In the past, luxury was synonymous with heedless grandeur and excess. Today it is about a wider emotional connection together with environmental awareness. Society is finally waking up to the importance of being sustainable in all aspects of our lives. We are starting to ask questions such as “how is this product made”, “where is this product made”, “is this product damaging our environment, our planet”? These are the considerations that make us conscious consumers.

The Sirimiri brand was born over countless “al desko” lunches in a busy interior design of office. Over time, their collective consciousness weighed heavy as a result of the impact our design projects were having on the environment. Their concerns were fuelled by wider issues affecting the environment such as the amount of single use plastic being consumed by the of office and our clients, the waste created through excess packaging and looking at the shocking chemical and water statistics of the textile industry.


The Sirimiri ethos is to look beyond the current “take-make-waste” manufacturing model and design with a circular economy approach without any sacrifice of quality.







Their sheets:

Between themselves, they have designed and delivered over 100 private residential interior design projects, this equates to approximately 500 bedrooms, in turn producing 1,000 sets of bed linen designed and procured - they know a good nights sleep!


Through vigorous research and months of “sleep trialling” they believe they have found a sustainable and luxurious new fabric, and in-turn, sleep experience.


Their fabric is not only better for the environment than traditional cotton, but it is light as a feather, cool to touch and incredibly soft.  Their fabric is silky smooth and finely knit acting as a breathable second skin.

How is their fabric made?

Their fabric is derived from the inner pulp of beech trees. The pulp is then processed into a yarn and weaved into a fabric which in turn gets made into their linens. They have complete visibility of their supply chain.


Processing is done in accordance with strict environmental standards including chemical free spinning and dyeing and produces no toxic discharge. The yarn yield of Beech pulp is up to 10 times that of raw cotton and 100% of the raw material is converted into usable products.


Beechwood grows naturally with no irrigation on less than perfect land without chemical fertilizers.

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