“What interests us are the journeys our objects follow as they move through environments and the definitions they take on in our lives.”


Select-Works is an independent gallery that prioritises thoughtful design. They offer a refined selection of considered artworks, specialising in one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces including ceramics, originals and prints.

Their approach is to source slow-made, meaningful works created with intention by skilled artists and makers. They work with a growing number of early-career and established artists from the UK and beyond, supporting these individuals at all stages of practice.


Their belief is that through design anyone can create their own world to retreat into, whether this looks like a room in a rented place or a first property.

They see our interior spaces as personal sanctuaries, the collections of furniture, and artworks that fill them growing as we do.

Noe Kuremoto | Yama Vase I & Untitled Single Stem Vase I


They believe in transparency and pushing for a more sustainable future.

They are working directly with Treeapp, a reforestation organisation that aims to ‘plant 1 million trees every single day by 2022’. They are offsetting a portion of our carbon footprint by planting a tree for every order we make, in countries including Madagascar and Ethiopia.

Nearly all of their packaging is sustainable or biodegradable, their cardboard packaging, and bubble wrap alternatives can all be recycled, whilst their starch-based packing nuggets can be completely dissolved in water.

Noe Kuremoto | Moon & Kumo Vase


Noe Kuremoto is a ceramic artist based in east London. She works from her studio in Hackney to produce elegant sculptural pieces made by hand with clay. Born in Japan, the influence of Kuremoto’s heritage is evident in the simplicity of her organic forms. Kuremoto’s sculptures embody a rawness that echoes traditional Japanese beliefs that spirits are present in everything, particularly the natural world. Her ceramics are shaped by the essence of nature, selected memories from childhood and an ongoing desire for deep emotional connection.


India Copley is a textile designer and artist noted for her multi-disciplinary explorations of shape and colour. Originally from North Yorkshire, Copley now lives and works in London after completing her studies in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art.


She works across drawing, painting, collage and textiles to develop soft, minimal compositions inspired by her surroundings. Offering a refined take on experimentation, her designs feature harmonious arrangements of muted tones and abstract elements. Gliding her ideas from paper to surface, Copley creates elegant textile pieces including wall hangings and rugs, inspired by her curious play with material and form.

India Copley |Thirty Eight, Fifty One, & Twelve

Gaurab Thakali | Les Colletes & Hills


Gaurab Thakali is an illustrator and artist based in south-east London. He works across multiple disciplines including digital illustration, screenprint and painting in which he applies a similarly distinct vibrancy to each.


Raised in Nepal, Thakali’s portfolio features rich cultural references to the scenic mountainscapes and architecture of his native country. His work is also heavily influenced by music and often transports viewers to scenes of bustling jazz bars and intimate musical performances. Thakali has completed commissions for a number of prestigious editorial clients, brands and record labels including The New York Times, Converse and Young Turks.


Marina Esmeraldo is an illustrator, architect and artist best known for her bold abstract visuals. Based in Barcelona and raised in Brazil, the self-proclaimed ‘tropical child’ draws influence from her colourful upbringing through overlapping, experimental compositions.


Actively taking a multi-disciplinary approach to design, Esmeraldo works within the realms of painting, collage, drawing and printmaking to communicate her imaginative perspective. The artist’s signature use of punchy geometric shapes has seen her create imagery across fashion, music and media for clients including Adidas and Google.

Marina Esmeraldo | Infinite Mystery VI


The Clay Assemblage | (Earth) In Isolation No.15 & No.14


The Clay Assemblage is the ceramicist pseudonym created by London-based designer and art director Bilgin Bernard. Known for her otherworldly sculptural forms, the ceramic artist hand-builds one-of-a-kind pieces from clay – often exploring surface and negative space. Bernard works intuitively, sculpting materiality into organic shapes that transform with perspective.


Her (Earth) in isolation works are a series of ceramic sculptures that examine the idea of spatial boundaries and the artist’s personal experience of identity as a child of migrants.


Inès Tahiri-Alaoui | La Piscine, Islands, and Islands 2


Inès Tahiri-Alaoui is an artist recognised for her neutral abstract and figurative paintings. She creates serene, minimal compositions, frequently working with a tonal palette of warm browns paired with monochromes. Her original painted pieces convey a certain softness and sense of calm, featuring simplistic shapes relating to nature and the female form.


Originally from Morocco and France, the self-taught painter is now based in the UK – where she splits her time between fashion and art. Her paintings are original works on paper, created as part of an ongoing exploration of the artist’s interest in abstract expression.

Ines Tahiri-Alaoui | Islands 2

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