Dancing Vessel

  • Drawing inspiration from the movement of Mexican traditional dance dresses, the clay is grouted, turning the shape of the skirts into ceramic pieces. A brigade is then turned slowly at various angles at different points of the inner wall surface of the mould. A unique skin texture forms after hours of heating, where the ceramic skins begin to form layers. Placing a tea light within the vessel, beautiful light begins to peer through the ceramic. From a lamp to a candle holder, different sizes are created to cater for different functions, which also comes from the aesthetics of dancing. When the candle is lit, the candle holder will swing slowly with the candlelight, as if surrounded by music and dance.

    L:  8.5cm X W:  8.5cm X H: 9cm

    Each piece is handmade and would take up to 2 weeks to produce. Products will have to be pre-ordered and will be delivered once made.  

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