BiaoBai Kettle Set

  • BiaoBai’s kettle design derives from a simple concept, with a large or small BaioBai cup and kettle stacked onto of one another, serving a party of two each time. Designed for coffee drinkers, not only was the kettle designed to be more comfortable for the hand to grip but also offers a large variety of different filter cups.

    Designer:            Moiminjia

    Colour :                Taffy

    Size:                      Kettle L: 8cm X W: 7cm X H: 14cm

                                   Cup L: 6cm X W: 6cm X H: 6cm

    Material:             Ceramic

    Each piece is handmade and would take up to 2 weeks to produce. Products will have to be pre-ordered and will be delivered once made. 

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