"Made from the ground.

Made to be unique. "



In a small town of Southern Spain where the tradition of pottery dates back from the Bronze Age, Pott elaborates its collections meticulously, using long–established techniques, rethinking their typical applications. Since 2014, the brand creates modern lighting designs, resulting in a series of unique handmade collections, featuring the expertise of local artisans.


From the relation between the designer and his environment emerge forms and concepts which Pott incorporates in its collections, all handmade following a singular creation process. Each square meter of land holds something magic, resulting in a unique source of inspiration to the brand and its designer: local materials and traditions can now be shared with the rest of the world.


A collection of luminaries inspired by the geographical origins of the brand. Totana, Landscape of contrasts, tonalities of clay, pottery and wisdom, lights and shadows, fire and water; elements that have influenced the design of this collection.


Formed by two volumes that intersect. The first enveloping, gestural, voluminous, conical with an upper termination that refers to the mouth of a ceramic container turned by hand; the second linear and structural, defined as a stroke. As a result, a warm lamp, a balance between materiality and light.

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“Okina is the name of a humid forest in Álava Basque Country, a place for my inspirer where life develops very marked by the change of the seasons. In autumn, from the ground covered with leaves, mushrooms and fungi arise which, with a renewal energy, are largely responsible for the reintegration into the earth of all the organic matter that has fallen from the trees. Its soft and sensual shapes have inspired the Okina lamp collection ”


Okina is a collection of lights inspired by the mushrooms and fungi that grow in the humid forests of the Basque Country. It’s simple and organic shapes convey a natural tranquillity. The collection consists of a small table lamp in which the light source is never seen and suspension versions. The double lampshade pendant lamp offers direct lighting

in the centre of the table and more subtle and diffuse on diners. Pott’s clay and craftsmanship make each lamp unique.

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Nais, more than a lamp is a companion in the darkness, a conversational ceramic piece that brings you to the most comfortable moonlight. A Rechargeable ceramic led piece design by Luis Eslava for Pott.

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The studio’s smallest yet warmest creation so far. In its latest collection named “Candela” Pott goes off on a tangent and takes its concept of organic lighting a step further by exploring natural incandescence. The result consists in a reversible ceramic candle holder morphing seamlessly from a tea light holder into a taper holder.

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