Perfumer H


New Norm


New Norm


London, United Kindgom


At first sight, I would never have imagined that this store housed such beautiful and unique perfumes.


I made a trip to Marylebone this week to visit an independent perfume store called Perfumer H. This store has been open for several years now but I have only recently discovered it. This late discovery maybe because of my lack of interest in perfumes before, but now, since my interest began, I am excited to get the chance to visit and explore this local British perfume brand.

Grey outer walls matched with black tinted glass don’t really stand out on this street. When you push open these glass doors, it feels as if you’ve been taken back in time, to the 1950s, with dark blue and grey walls surrounding you, shelves and tables made from lacquered teak stained panels, plush velvet chairs and polished brass used as small decorative ornaments. 

Following the intent of the owner, the store is very private, hoping to provide customers with an intimate space to create bespoke and seasonal fragrances for their clients. The whole atmosphere is very different from any other perfume store, instead, it feels very similar to a luxurious private lounge. Within the store, there is a small laboratory where members of the team are able to help customers to customize their own perfume formulas, by adding to the current pre-made scents that have already been curated and are already available in the lab. Or even, customers are able to work with the perfumer herself to create a custom perfume from scratch, providing a very unique and professional experience.

The shop assistants were very friendly and eager to get to know their customers. They did a great job of introducing their seasonal perfumes from the summer collection and explained the composition of each perfume carefully. Following our perfume scent preferences, they introduced different scents that may suit us. In addition to the scent of the perfumes, I am in love with the design of their perfume bottles. These bottles are made entirely from glass and according to the different perfume scents, coloured bottles were made, using gold letting to accentuate and highlight the name of the scent, creating something that is very simple yet elegant.