New Norm Magazine

 Issue 01 

The New Norm Magazine is an online journal and biannual print publication. We use four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter to create four different series covering themes of art, culture, design, and travel. 

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Covering themes of art, culture, design, and travel, The New Norm uses four seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter to create four different series.

Issue 01 features a visit to Budapest to explore and discover unique and hidden places, an architecture tour of Malta, a country so rich in history that it was still so visible today, a trip to Iceland, one of the world’s most beautiful destinations to get a glimpse of the scenery that everyone has been talking about and venturing into the old town of Cyprus, connecting with the locals where we get a perspective of how unresolved conflict has changed the city.

Size:   W: 270mm  X  H: 210mm

Pages: 100 pages 

Paper Type:   Double Copper Paper

In this issue 

1.   A weekend in Budapest

a city guide of Budapest covering the top 5 reasons we believe that Budapest is a top place to visit

2.   An Island Escape

a journey into the oceans of Malta, exploring the caves and admiring the shining blue waters

3.   The Conflict Within

an emotional tour of the unresolved conflicts in Nicoais, crossing the border and experiencing life in both the North and South of Cyprus

4.   The Power of Nature

exploring the magnificent waterfalls and geothermal geysers of Iceland 

5.   London Coffe Guide

a tour of our favourite coffee shops in London

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