The New Norm is a Hong Kong based creative studio focusing on publication and product design. The New Norm Magazine and New Norm Living are extensions of our brand. 

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Dancing Vessel, available in three different sizes






HangZhou, China


Moi is the greeting used between good friends in Finnish. It sounds short but feels familiar.


The Moi Design Studio was founded in HangZhou in 2017 by Wang Minjia and Li Le. MoiMinjia was the first handmade ceramic collection launched by the studio. Inspired by Finnish ceramic designs, the founders insisted that each piece had to be handmade and produced and this become one of the main pillars for the brand.  


Just like Minjia, as designer and ceramist, she hopes to create products that stand by you, through every day of your life and to bring greetings to you. Her ceramics speak a unique and sensual language, constructing playful forms and discovering new ways of use.

The cylindrical shape of the Blossom Vase has a sort of abstract architectural rhythm.


By regenerating purple clay and porcelain clay, the surface colour and texture of the Blossom Vase collection resemble light coloured concrete. The top of the vase is a geometric flower shape, formed naturally through the intersection of columns. The inside of the vase if composed of various small cylinder, bring a more diverse form and function, suitable for both single or a large bunch of flowers. The Blossom Vase Collection is also available in many different sizes and colours which can be paired to suit many different interior styles and atmospheres.   

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The Biaobai Kettle Set in the colour "Taffy".



BiaoBai’s kettle design derives from a simple concept, with a large or small BaioBai cup and kettle stacked onto of one another, serving a party of two each time. Designed for coffee drinkers, not only was the kettle designed to be more comfortable for the hand to grip but also offers a large variety of different filter cups.

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Drawing inspiration from the movement of Mexican traditional dance dresses, the clay is grouted, turning the shape of the skirts into ceramic pieces. A brigade is then turned slowly at various angles at different points of the inner wall surface of the mould. A unique skin texture forms after hours of heating, where the ceramic skins begin to form layers. Placing a tea light within the vessel, beautiful light begins to peer through the ceramic.  


From a lamp to a candle holder, different sizes are created to cater for different functions, which also comes from the aesthetics of dancing. When the candle is lit, the candle holder will swing slowly with the candlelight, as if surrounded by music and dance.

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