Hotel Mimaru, Kyoto


New Norm


New Norm


Kyoto, Japan

Hotel Mimaru has two branches in Japan, one in Tokyo and the other in Central Kyoto.


The Apartment is very spacious, furnished with Japanese style beds, suitable for both short and long term rentals for customers who would like to experience Japanese style living. Each apartment is also equipped with its own kitchen and dining area.

Green plants are planted around the hotel, shaped like a bamboo screen surrounding the black iron columns, creating their own Japanese garden. My favourite part of the hotel has to be the outdoor staircase, where a tree was planted in the middle of the spiraling staircase. The tree continues to grow upwards, with leaves intertwining with the staircase as they grow.

The hotel is made up of eleven floors and we stayed on the very top floor. The room is also designed with many Japanese features, including a sliding door, a Fusuma, which is a traditional design feature in Japanese homes. There was a total of two sliding doors in the apartment, the first which was used to separate the dining area from the sleeping area, and the other was placed next to the window.

This sliding door was made from wooden frames and translucent paper plates, used to filter light, allowing only soft light to enter the room. In between this sliding door and the window is a long corridor where guests can sit there and enjoy the scenery outside, this also references “Engwawa”, a design feature of Japanese architecture. Every piece of furniture in the apartment is made from wood, paired with white minimalist household appliances from Muji, adding a hint of white to a wooden apartment.


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