Hong Kong Design Story:  Grams28


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New Norm


Hong Kong


Upon the invitation of Benjamin and Blue, the founders of Grams 28, we had the honours to visit their workshop in Tseun Wan, Hong Kong, where we learned more about their brand and their operations.


We stumbled upon their brand a year ago and have been a fan ever since. Their products are also very popular amongst minimalist-style bloggers due to their simple yet elegant designs.

We passed a long corridor and entered their small factory, there were three leather craftsmen busy at work, making leather accessories. Lee, one of the leather craftsmen, has been in the leather industry for more than 40 years and is a witness to the rise and fall of Hong Kong’s entire leather industry. Lee continued making leather goods at Grams 28 since he was laid off, carrying on the tradition of leather craftsmanship in Hong Kong.

Although the scale of the factory was not very large, each piece was carefully produced and constructed, with constant communication between the designer and the craftsmen. Also, because of their size, they are able to produce in smaller batches, which was more in line with the local market demand, and most importantly, reducing waste.

In addition to aesthetics, they produce products that are high in quality, versatile and suitable for everyday use.  The leather that they use is imported from an Italian factory, Tannery Tempeiti, where the texture of the leather is very smooth and more durable. They also have a special feature where three different numbers are engraved onto the product; the product’s number, the material number and the area code of Hong Kong, 852, making their products very distinctive.