Matthew Donaldson


London & Paris


'Our projects express a minimalist poetry of space, an elaborate and highly precise process, giving birth to universe of serenity, calmness and emotion' says Alan.


Born and raised in the realm of architecture interior design, Guillaume Alan has developed an acute sense of design; a poetic soul that draws inspiration from the ordered magnificence of the Louvre’s square courtyard, by Cour Carrée, and the tranquil simplicity of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion in Spain. His love for classical purity shines through in his work today, be it architecture, interior design, or furniture design.


At just 22, Alan opened his first design studio in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris and in 2011, the second studio in Mayfair, London, working on projects across the United Kingdom and Europe.

The places he creates are imbued with serenity, calm, and emotion.

Guillaume Alan’s aesthetic is all about restraint in architecture and elements but opulent in spirit. He achieved with his latest project based in Paris, a masterclass in aesthetic restraint. Perched in a magnificent 19th-century edifice, with views of the Seine and the Eiffel tower, this residence was the perfect setting for Guillaume Alan to achieve a striking interior. A classical theme was evoked through arched walls, a muted colour palette, and raw, soft textures. The final look is a serene and calm space that of a world-class designer.

His projects are pure, flawless, and harmonious. With elegance and refinement, the way how Alan defines and treats the space is very clean, characterized by pure and strong lines, breathtaking precision and impeccable proportions.


A Major piece of his projects is light, which is key to Alan’s aesthetic and design ethos. As he likes to say: ‘The architecture is discovered while walking. Light makes architecture, it’s thanks to the light that walls, space, and shadows can exist’.

The places he creates are imbued with serenity, calm, and emotion.

Obsessed with precision, Guillaume Alan’s schemes are tactile and luxurious using fine woods, such as oak or ash, natural marble, brass, raw linen, soft leather, wool, silk, bronze and always focused on a bespoke palette. The way each material and texture capture the light, create a coherent whole.


Custom-made and drawn out, his furniture pieces reflect the quest of Alan for arts and crafts, his great attachment for exceptional and genuine know-how.