"A modernist brand inspired by art and architecture, rooted in a respect for nature."

Gris is a progressive alternative to conventional paint, introducing a new concept for the future of interior coatings. Born out of a love of interior architecture and contemporary art.  Inspired by a minimalist approach to colour, the name Gris, reflects this exclusively monochrome palette of mineral paints.


Founded by make-up artist Liz Michael who, when unsuccessful in searching for the perfect grey/white shade for her home, decided to blend her own colour. It wasn’t until years later after discovering mineral paint, that the idea came to develop a brand. A brand specifically designed to have a limited colour palette of monochrome shades. Driven by a desire to create a product that met her own tastes, she applies her language of colour and texture to an entirely different discipline.

The brand worked with Keim UK to create a collection of inimitable shades. Keim are the world leaders and pioneers of mineral paint, with a heritage that dates back to 1878. 


Gris’ mineral paints are coloured with natural earth oxide pigments and are unaffected by UV light. UV can be incredibly damaging attacking the binder in conventional paints. White pigments in conventional paints can also discolour as the acrylic pigment is attacked by UV light. The depth of colour achievable with earth oxides and the special bonding process of mineral paint creates an entirely unique finish which is UV stable and doesn’t fade.

"The first time I saw a space painted with mineral paint it took my breath away. It seemed that the paint had become part of the wall, almost as if it were dyed. The texture being super matte, almost velvety, deeply rich, vibrant and light reflective. "

The durability and longevity of mineral paint is unlike conventional paint as the microcrystalline bond creates a longer lasting coating. The special bond and nature of mineral paint makes it a completely breathable paint, allowing moisture vapour to pass through it and breathe through the coating, rather than being trapped behind an acrylic barrier which can cause blistering and flaking.  

Light reflectance is created by light being able to bounce or reflect off the microscopic surfaces of the crystalline finish. Although Gris paints are completely matte, this scattering of light makes them appear much brighter and more luminous that conventional paints - which tend to absorb light rather than reflect it.


Gris is a brand rooted in environmental consciousness. Gris paints are free of synthetic binders, solvents and acrylics, coloured with earth oxide pigments, and are natureplus certified.

The natureplus eco-label is the only European environmental label for building products founded on strict scientific criteria. Products with the natureplus eco label meet the highest standards of quality along with the three pillars of climate protection, healthy accommodation and sustainability of resources. Gris mineral paints are also preservative free and exclusively made to order.

"Inspired by a minimalist approach to colour, the name Gris, reflects this exclusively monochrome palette of

mineral paints. "

The collection. Three essential series. The Nordic Series comes from decades long love of Scandinavian design and inspired by Nordic light. Modernist and Brutalist architecture informs the Architectural Series. The Inky Series evokes a Japanese mood but is inspired by contemporary artists working in singular colours. Quentin Morris who has dedicated 50 years to working in black and Daniel Levine, monochrome painter who works exclusively in off-white, were inspirational in maintaining a singular vision.

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Courtesy of GRIS

Interior Photography by
Mikkel Mortensen