Interview by:

New Norm Magazine



Malang, Indonesia


I’m Falzuh, & 23 at the moment. I mainly work as a fashion & lifestyle content creator with the Scandinavian & Japanese concept as two of my main inspirations. I’m also the founder & creative director of House of Zama (HOZ) — my own creative home studio focuses on product photography that’s established in early 2018. Dealing with creative content daily (on both being content creator & studio creative director), I put the aesthetic value as my very first priority. I believe aesthetic value is the core of creative content as it represents the creator's sense & taste while making the contents, which later builds character.


Where are you from / call home?

I’m from Malang, a small town in Java Island (right next to Bali), Indonesia.

What are some simple pleasures that you’ve rediscovered during the coronavirus pandemic?

This pandemic primarily makes me figure out & reminds me of two things. The first one is how important spending time for myself is. I used to work from 8 in the morning to 10 at night, from Monday and through to the weekends. I rarely had time for myself back then, this pandemic reminds me of how important it is to spend time for myself, putting my feet up a bit. It makes me have more time to do things I’d hardly ever done previously. The other thing is that our existence here cannot be separated from the roles of people around us. I used to work with my studio team, WFH made me understand how critical my team’s roles in making the system works. House of Zama will never make it here if it were only me from the beginning.


Embracing slower living

How have you and your creative process changed?

Being unable to go out for strolling, coffee, shopping, & hanging out somehow challenges me to find more creative and various ways of creating content at home. Besides that, I got no other option than to go down and cover the photographing process by myself (formerly I had my studio team covering it). While the former photographers are now moved to work as editors in this force majeure system.

What are some of the things that have changed in your country as a result of the pandemic? What is the new normal?

The economy is down, schools are closed, the old traditional system simply doesn’t work anymore at the moment. Teleconference is now the new normal for meetings & classes. No more face to face talks, just a group of people sitting in front of screens.


Travel from home

What was your favourite destination and why?

Mt. Bromo. I went there for the third time last year with my team. I just can never get enough of it. I can always feel the true meaning of tranquility every time I visit it. A borderless nature is one of my top bucket list when it comes to traveling. And Mt. Bromo is exactly all about it. No concrete, no wires, only edgeless savanna & desert.

What are some of your most memorable moments during the trip?

Bearing with the cold before sunrise, exploring both the savanna & desert, having personal conversations with the team.

What does travel give you that everyday life doesn’t?

It refreshes our mind from daily routines & businesses. It works as a kind of break for our mental, making us achieve a peace of mind which we can hardly do in normal workdays. As a result it turns us feel recharged and ready to jump much further on our career. A step back for two-steps forward.

You have an unlimited travel budget for 24 hours, where would you go?

I’d spend the whole day in Tokyo, Japan, since it’s been on the top of my bucket list for years. I’d visit its well-known coffee shops & museums, go to Shibuya to do fashion shopping & stroll around the city creating lookbook contents after, stop by the Tokyo Tower, and end the day by eating Japanese local dishes in Shinjuku.