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While there are many talented artists and designers around the world, many lack the exposure and funds that they need to sustain their passion and projects. 

We’ve set up the “Design House”, an online platform with a goal to provide support for independent creatives, but also to overcome the issues of communications across various countries and cultures. 

Together with our publication, New Norm Magazine, we aim to create a platform for creatives to showcase, promote, and sell their work. We use a range of mediums, including photographs, videos, and written articles to introduce creatives and their work from a different perspective, focusing on the process and the message behind each piece.


Tell us about your design and submit your online form.


Product is live. Your products will be sold through our New Norm Living store under  'pre-order'.




We will get in touch with you within  2 working days.


Products delivered and processed.


Process the information on your brand or product.  Arrangement of product delivery.


Free promotion on our social media platform. 

1. By selling through our  New Norm Living store, your product will shown  in our catalogue 

2. Free promotion  in our social media platform, including photo shoots, short video production etc. 

Instagram, Facebook, Online journal feature. 

3. Every product we sold, you can get back 60% -70%  profit from the retail price.

New Norm Living

We sell an array of products by select designers and artists, including home accessories, kitchenware, furniture, and lighting. 

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