DDD Hotel, Tokyo


New Norm


New Norm


Tokyo, Japan


DDD Hotel, which stands for Design, Development and Destination, is a design hotel located in the centre of Tokyo. It’s red brick façade stood out amongst the other buildings on the block and we already see the hotel from afar.


Walking through the doors, we entered a gallery-like space, with pieces of artwork and a small wooden bench looking out onto the streets through a glass wall. In the middle of this space was an atrium, standing there, we were surrounded by the smell of pastries and the sound of chatter, which help guide us through the building. The reception was located on the first floor, along with other facilities including a rest area, their Abno café and an experimental kitchen/restaurant, Nôl.  Among the other facilities in the hotel is their on-site Parcel Gallery which is devoted to exhibiting contemporary art by Japanese and foreign artists.

Lobby of DDD Hotel

The hotel was designed with a concept of minimal luxury, using moss-green and white as its main colour scheme.


The walls and furniture are made using moss green wood panels, paired with white bedsheets and detailing. They’ve put a lot of care and thought into the amenities provided in each room, including the cups, bathrobes, hairdryer and bath products, most of which are supplied by eco-friendly local brands.  Each room was carefully designed and decorated, demonstrating strong senses in artistic design and the beauty of simplicity.

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