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Art & Design. Poast

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Laurie Poast Atelier

12 DEC 2019

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An instinctive closeness to beauty is at work in the original art, design, and craft of Laurie Poast Atelier.

To live a day in deep appreciation of only what we hold most beautiful, with the intentional absence of all things that distract from it - or rather, to live a lifetime this way - is Poast’s guiding principle. To curate

moments of pleasure, of calm, of the delight of the visual sense. It is with this sort of minimalist way of being that we present our collection to you.

Founded by Laurie Post and Yves Aubert, Poast’s namesake brand offers exquisite artisan-crafted objects of art, dec- oration, and gifting - directly to the consumer, to the interior architecture trade, and through retailers and online stores internationally. We work with manufacturers as well as with in-house small-batch production, and of course one-of-a-kind hand-built methods here in the Bergen atelier.

Laurie Poast is an Artist and Designer in Bergen, Norway. She was ed- ucated both in Studio Art and in Business Administration in the United States of America, a course of study that led her to explore what value lies at the intersections between seemingly disparate academic disciplines. Poast was trained on hardanger ddle by her father, who is a nationally acclaimed luthier.

Yves Aubert is a musical aesthete trained at the Zürich Conservatory of Music, and a scientist trained at ETH in Switzerland. Today he works primarily in medical science innovation and now plays piano and violin only privately.

Both Poast and Aubert pursue an ongoing interest in the neurobiology of aesthetic experience, both visual and auditory. They hope you will notice interesting in uences from both their backgrounds in much of their work.

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