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4 DEC 2019

Text & Photographs by The New Norm

Hong Kong Cafe Series: 

Basao Tea Causeway Bay

Lifestyle. Basao

The Chinese tea culture garners different opinions. The young are obsessed with takeaway bubble tea and would line up for hours for one whilst the elders would prefer to sit down, have a cup of tea with some dim sum in a nice restaurant. There are only a handful of teahouses left in Hong Kong and Basao, who have been very keen to re-introduce the traditional tea culture, is one of them.

My favourite part of the café would have to be the main communal area where a long wooden table was located, the overlap of the wooden panels helped add definition to a simple wooden wall. Not only do they serve coffee and tea but they also have a wide selection of handmade cakes all inspired by tea. I ordered their roll cake and the taste was unforgettable. It was very rich in taste and soft in texture, perfect, when combined with a cup of their finest coffee.

We first visited their cosy café in Wan Chai, there, we could hear and see their employees exchange their knowledge on tea, we could feel their enthusiasm and professionalism towards the Chinese tea culture. This time we made a visit to their newly opened branch in Causeway Bay and this form of professionalism was strongly felt. As a continuation of their first branch in Wan Chai, a minimalist approach was taken in designing their new café, using white and brown tones to create their tea house.

Black furniture and plants were used to compliment these neutral tones, creating a serene and relaxing environment where their tea or coffee could be enjoyed. This minimalist design was the perfect backdrop, bringing light to their respect of and innovation of new tea-combined recipes. As you journey deeper into the café, the space becomes more private and the lighting quality changes. It gets darker and the layout changes, forming small shaded booths perfect for small, intimate gatherings.

In an area as busy as Causeway Bay, Basao is the perfect place to take a break and unwind.   

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