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17 APR 2019

Words: The New Norm 

Photographs:  The New Norm

Most travelers would need to wait for at least 4 hours or more after checking out of their hotel or accommodation. For this period, they would need a safe and convenient place to drop down their luggage. We stumbled upon Airspace Budapest which is close to the Deák Ferenc Tér underground station and this luggage lounge completely changed our impressions of a normal luggage storage space.

Airspace is a luggage storage lounge. It is located in the center of Budapest. After collecting their pieces of luggage, passengers can easily travel to the airport through the airport shuttle bus or request a taxi service offered by the lounge itself. 

In Airspace, automated self-service lockers, a lounge, and a small supermarket are available for the travelers. We booked two M sized lockers (50 x 50 x 30 cm) for 4 hours for €6 each. You would need to choose an appropriately sized locker and enter the payment details in the machine located in the center of the lockers. 

 After dropping down our luggage, we stayed in the lounge and had a cup of coffee and snacks. The Airspace Lounge is designed with a minimalist approach, using colourful furniture to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere for the travelers. Inside the lounge, comfortable seating areas, free WIFI, printing service, snacks and beverages and clean restrooms with showers are provided. The staff was extremely friendly, providing helpful information regarding questions about Budapest. They created a very luxurious and welcoming environment for the time that we spent there.

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