THE NEW NORM STUDIO founded by Alison Choi and Natalie Lam, is a creative agency working across the fields of photography, content creation, social media management, and publication. We work closely with you to develop a strong, authentic aesthetic with interesting and engaging content that bonds customers with a brand, making them feel connected, seen, and cared for. We’re motivated by our passion for visual storytelling, to bridge the gap between images, texts, and design, celebrating a brand’s philosophy and individuality.


New Norm Magazine and New Norm Living are extensions of our brand. New Norm Magazine is a bi-annual lifestyle and travel magazine, while New Norm Living is a lifestyle store, selling an array of products by independent designers and artists.



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Based in Hong Kong.



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New Norm Magazine Issue 01

New Norm Magazine Issue 02

As a biannual travel and lifestyle magazine, each issue focuses on selected travel, culture, and lifestyle features, presented through a combination of articles, interviews, and visual narratives. The New Norm Magazine is dedicated to inspiring individuals to explore and experience new cultures and traditions and to divert from the typical tourist routes. We work with a community of photographers, writers, artists, designers, and locals from all around the world, providing a platform for creatives to share their stories and to celebrate their work and passion.

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