The New Norm is a Hong Kong based creative studio focusing on publication and product design. The New Norm Magazine and New Norm Living are extensions of our brand. 

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The New Norm is a Hong Kong based creative studio focusing on publication and product design. 

Lifestyle Store

Supplying home accessories specially designed from different countries and cities and creating different settings suggesting ways to match the product that you have purchased.

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Popular Items

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Hong Kong Design Story

Following the invitation of Benjamin and Blue, the founders of Grams 28, we had the honours to visit their workshop in Tseun Wan, Hong Kong, where we learned more about their brand and their operations.

Kyoto Guide:   Hotel Mimaru 

A tour of a Japanese Style Apartment in Kyoto, focusing on the use of different architectural materials and the incorporation of Japanese design features in a modern setting.

Hong Kong Cafe Series: 
Basao Causeway Bay

We visited Basao, one of the very few teahouses left in Hong Kong, who have been very keen to 

re-introduce the traditional tea culture, is one of them.

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