Unrestrained Expression:

Birgitte Due Madsen

Birgitte Due Madsen’s work evolves around craftmanship and quality. Her work is produced in her own studio and by herself. With a constant awareness and humility toward functionality and quality her professional integrity lies in the fascination of the elongated project which examines elements such as materiality and aesthetics and which allows the project to develop in abstract form before it is formalized. Through an autonomous and unpretentious approach, she integrates new materials such as gypsum, resin or concrete and various techniques to achieve her design ideals. Her works are characterised by a subtle, poetic colour scheme, tactile textures, and a strict, playful geometry.

Join Birgitte in this interview, as she dives deep into her universe of creativity, exploring themes of calmness through material experimentation and abstract forms.


Gris is a progressive alternative to conventional paint, introducing a new concept for the future of interior coatings. Born out of a love of interior architecture and contemporary art.  Inspired by a minimalist approach to colour, the name Gris, reflects this exclusively monochrome palette of mineral paints.

New Norm Magazine

Issue 01, 02, & 03

As a biannual travel and lifestyle magazine, each issue focuses on selected travel, culture, and lifestyle features, presented through a combination of articles, interviews, and visual narratives.

The New Norm Magazine is dedicated to inspiring individuals to explore and experience new cultures and traditions and to divert from the typical tourist routes.


Catrine Svellingen

Dak Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting company based in Amsterdam run by a husband and wife duo, Louis-Philippe Boucher & Veronique Lagarde. Coffee has always been part of their lives, although their love for specialty coffee has grown exponentially in the past few years. After working many years respectively in Finance & Marketing, they decided to pursue their dream, opening a coffee roastery. Dak was born from true passion for coffee and the desire to embark on a journey of endless discoveries and knowledge. From farm to cup, they take great pride in celebrating quality coffee.

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A creative agency working across the fields of art direction, photography, videography,  animation, social media visual strategy, and publication.

We’re motivated by our passion for visual storytelling, to bridge the gap between images, texts, and layout designs, celebrating a brand’s philosophy and individuality.